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Save Little Red

Put this e-badge on your social media page and help us raise funds for ShortbreadStories.

While we hope that ShortbreadStories will be around for generations to come, we are currently at a critical point. Without significant funding we simply cannot continue to run the organisation, let alone expand.

‘Save Little Red’ is our first fundraising campaign. In hopes of raising awareness about ShortbreadStories and our need for public donations, we’d like everyone who has been involved in ShortbreadStories to put the ‘Save Little Red’ e-badge on their social media pages** and link

Our thinking is that if every one of our 9000 ShortbreadStories members put the ‘Save Little Red’ e-badge on their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and blog pages, and linked to our fundraising campaign, we could help generate enough funds to keep ShortbreadStories going for years to come.

So, get involved and Save Little Red.

**How to put the Save Little Red e-badge onto your social media page: Hover over the image then right click with your mouse. Choose ‘Save as’ and save the image to your Desktop, Documents, or My Pictures folder. Then upload onto Facebook, Twitter or other social media page as you would any other image. Don’t forget to then link the image to

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