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How Your Donations will Help

With your help not only can the great work we started a few years ago continue, but we can develop  into a mentoring community for new and established writers. Your donations will support writers virtually and in-person through activities such as writing workshops and online mentoring, as well as support the online community that is so integral to ShortbreadStories. Furthermore, ShortbreadStories will provide valuable writing skills to members while encouraging literacy worldwide.  By donating to ShortbreadStories you can help provide the following:

£10 will pay for 131 hours of web hosting for the ShortbreadStories website. Our website provides a unique library of short stories to people from all over the world.

£15 will pay to publish 210 short stories in our writing anthologies. Our writing anthologies showcase some of the best short story writers from around the world and provide each of our featured writers with encouragement and a sense of pride.

£25 will pay for the professional editing of one story. New writers often need editing advice in order to succeed in the publishing world. ShortbreadStories can provide editing and advice to help improve writing skills.

£35 will pay for an hour of mentorship from a seasoned author. In future,we will provide free online scholarships of up to six weeks for talented individuals helping them to succeed in the publishing world. 

£112 will pay for a day’s worth of site administration. We will continue to provide daily support via email, new and exciting competitions, informative articles from the team and freelancers, weekly newsletters, and of course the infamous Friday Story.

£400 will pay for one person to attend a ShortbreadStories Residential Writing Workshop. In future we will be offering these courses as scholarships for deserving writers.

£450 will pay for a professionally recorded audio story. Our audio stories provide unique experiences for the actors and writers involved in each production, as well as providing free audio stories to the community.

Donations of varied amounts will help us pay to build a new website. We wish to provide you with a new interactive and more automated website which will allow you to get much more involved in ShortbreadStories. (Note that once we have enough funds to build a new website, we will not need to rely on our main site and a blog site. Your donations will help us integrate everything into one easy to use website.)

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