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How to Donate

Save Little Red SmallThere are several ways to donate to ShortbreadStories:

  • MyCharityPageDonate through MyCharityPage is a charitable organisation that collects donations for charities. Theirservice is free of charge for both fundraisers and charities to use. Although, please note that donors using credit cards and bank cards pay a 2.75% transaction fee on the donation. This fee covers the costs MyCharityPage incur and allows them to pay the ShortbreadStories 100% of the donation and 100% of the eligible gift aid.
  • Post us a cheque to (note we can only accept cheques in Pounds Sterling (£):

ShortbreadStories SCIO
Monorgan Farm
by Longforgan
Dundee DD2 5HT

  • Contact us directly at
  • Donate regularly and set up a standing order with your bank. Contact us at for more information.
  • Donate through PayPal at
  • Donate regularly through payroll giving. Your donation is taken before tax is deducted, so each £1 you give will only cost you 80p, and if you’re on a higher tax rate, it will only cost you 60p. Once you have set up your donation, you won’t have to do it again. For more information about giving through your payslip or pension contact

Employer Matched Giving

Many companies now operate gift-matching schemes. When an employee makes a donation to a registered charity, the company may match this donation. Some companies match at more than 100% of the donation. To find out if your company operates such a scheme, and to obtain a copy of their matching gift form, please contact your Human Resources department.

Gift Aid

At the moment, we are unable to accept Gift Aid but hope this will change in the next couple of weeks, at which point we will make a note on the site.

NOTE to NON-UK DONORS: Gift Aid only applies to registered UK tax payers, and at present we are not registered with philanthropic tax schemes in other countries. While we are happy to accept donations from ShortbreadStories members living in other countries, you will need to check with your home country to find out if you can declare a donation to ShortbreadStories on your taxes. Additionally, all donations to ShortbreadStories must be made in GBP (£). Foreign donations through MyCharityPage will automatically convert to GBP; however, if you are outside the United Kingdom and you wish to donate, but not use MyCharityPage, we are on PayPal through

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ShortbreadStories SCIO, Registered Charity Number SC043321


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