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Fundraising Campaign Calendar

Over the next few months we will be running new and exciting fundraising opportunities.

Save Little Red SmallStarting immediately, you can download a social media ‘Save Little Red’ badge. We ask that you put this badge on your Facebook, Twitter, website and/or blog page(s) with a link to our fundraising information. We hope that these badges will help our fundraising campaign go viral.

In December we will launch our ShortbreadStories Christmas Appeal. You can get involved by donating to our ShortbreadStory Secret Santa. Simply donate £10 to ShortbreadStories to be entered into our ShortbreadStory Secret Santa. More information to come.

In December we’ll be letting you know how you can follow in the footsteps of Rosamunde Pilcher by donating at least £1000 to our cause and becoming a ShortbreadStories Patron.

In January we will launch our ShortbreadShortStoryMonth Campaign. (ShoShoStoMo for those in the know!) We will be encouraging our members to take part in writing a collaborative anthology of themed short stories in one month.

We will also be hosting a silent auction where you can bid for very special prizes such as appearing in Robin Pilcher’s new novel.

More information on these campaigns will be listed on the site closer to date, or , if you’d like to get involved right this very second, you can donate or become a very special ShortbreadSaver!

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Save Little Red Campaign

ShortbreadStories SCIO, Registered Charity Number SC043321


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