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Become a ShortbreadSaver

Help promote ShortbreadStories and raise money by becoming a ShortbreadSaver Fundraiser.  

You don’t have to wait for a ShortbreadStories fundraising campaign to help raise money for ShortbreadStories. Instead, become a ShortbreadSaver Fundraiser and lead a donation campaign yourself.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Do you enjoy writing short stories or poems every day, perhaps every hour? Use your writing skills to get sponsorship by starting a Shortbreader Writer-a-Thon Challenge.

Or do you have a penchant for reading Dickens in a bath tub full of beans, or like reciting  Shakespeare while shaking a, eh, spear – then get involved in a hair-brain Shortbreader Reading Challenge.

Or can you out-run Mo Farrah or swim faster than Michael Phelps? Why not put your athletic prowess to the test and take part in a ShortbreadSporty Challenge.

Or perhaps you are an author or a collector of very rare and special things? You can always donate something very special to an upcoming Silent Auction.

Our Shortbreaders are very special people indeed, with lots of interesting and amazing talents, so if you have any brilliant or wacky ideas on how you can help to raise money for ShortbreadStories then please email, and we’ll help you put together a fundraising page at Plus, we’ll help to advertise your fundraising campaign on the ShortbreadStories site, and support you until you reach your goal.

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