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Put this e-badge on your social media wall and link to our Save Red Campaign to help raise money for ShortbreadStories.

We are permanently amazed at what ShortbreadStories has achieved over the past four years. In the early days, awareness of the site and the building up of its reputation was very much in our hands, but since then, it has been you, the members, who have helped it to grow and to make it what it is today – probably the best interactive writing site on the web. So in changing Shortbread Ltd. to a registered charity, and thus renaming it ShortbreadStories SCIO, is admitting that it is no longer our site, but yours. We are so grateful to you all for taking it forward under the banner that we set for it – that it should be ethical, educational, and for all ages – and making it all such a success.

There is still much to achieve with ShortbreadStories, and we have in place new and exciting plans that will help to keep it ‘ahead of the rest’. However, to see these plans to fruition, not to mention maintaining the current status of the site, costs money. Therefore, we must ask you to put a value on what you have gotten out of ShortbreadStories — the confidence in your own writing ability, the chance to read stories and connect with the writers, or even the friends that you’ve made on-site – and contribute financially, in any way you can.

ShortbreadStories is launching its fundraising campaign, because without philanthropic support we cannot continue, let alone thrive. You can donate to ShortbreadStories SCIO through, or see links below for more information on philanthropic giving to the site. Alternatively, you can contact for information.

With many thanks,
The ShortbreadStories Team

Charitable Mission and Purpose
How to Donate
How Your Donations will Help
Become a ShortbreadPatron
Become a ShortbreadSaver
Save Little Red Campaign
Fundraising Campaign Calendar

ShortbreadStories SCIO, Registered Charity Number SC043321


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