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Writing Prompt Wednesday

As we reach the middle of the week, to-do lists and schedules tend to crowd out creativity. We open the notebook and turn on the computer, hoping to recapture some of that fun-day Sunday energy, but staring at the blank screen or empty notebook can be detrimental to writing. Instead of penning that character sketch or outlining that story, we check emails, Facebook and Twitter – anything to procrastinate.  

In an attempt to thwart the mid-week writing blues, ShortbreadStories is starting ‘Writing Prompt Wednesdays’. Since you’ll be on your Facebook or Twitter accounts every couple of minutes anyway – procrastinating from work, writing, life, the universe and everything –every Wednesday we will post an image and a phrase on our Facebook and Twitter links, which we hope will inspire you to write.

Oh, and you’ll only find ‘Writing Prompt Wednesdays’ on our Facebook and Twitter links. So, if you haven’t already joined our Facebook and/or Twitter pages, please don’t forget to do so. And, most importantly, ‘Writing Prompt Wednesday’ isn’t really a competition, but should this little exercise inspire you, submit the result to us.


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