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Meet the ShortbreadSocial Media Elf…Sort Of

/by ShortbreadStories Elf/

Hello Shortbreaders,

Welcome to the new look ShortbreadStories blog here at WordPress. As many of you will know already the ShortbreadStories website is in need of some TLC. At the moment the site design doesn’t allow us to have more than one and one article on the homepage. Although this worked with the older Shorbread model, it’s not particularly convenient for the increased content that we want to share with you without clogging up your inboxes. While Rachel works to get together the funding and technical support that Shortbread not only needs but deserves, this blog has been set up as a breakout area for all of the Shortbread stuff that doesn’t involve your Writing Desk or the Forums.

So, time for me to say hello. I’m the Shortbread Social Media Elf and I’ll be curating the blog here as well as keeping you updated on all things Shortbread on Facebook and Twitter. I’m a writer and editor who has been a member of Shortbread for 4 years. I run other blogs and am the Social Media Elf for a few other places too. Like everyone on the Shortbread team at the moment I’m a unpaid volunteer and, in order to keep my participation in the writing side of Shortbread neutral, I’m remaining anonymous. I share the Social Media duties with Rachel, so beware as you’ll usually be unable to tell which of us it is.

As for going forward with the blog, the plan is to share the regular blogs and articles from as well as new content from discussions that arise on Facebook and Twitter written by me. We’ll be editing the information on the blog over the next few weeks and cutting back on the massively unwieldy list of post categories over there on the right hand side, and replacing it with a simpler system.

As with anything Shortbread it’s our members that make the community what it is and so we’d love to hear what you think of the new look and the plans for the blog in the comments.

Looking forward to chatting with you.

Best wishes,

Elf x



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