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Welcome to the Shortbread Stories the blog, which — through the use of informational posts and guest bloggers — supports our home site

ShortbreadStories (at uses the medium of the short story as the basis for an online mentoring community for writers. Besides providing a worldwide showcase for their work, ShortbreadStories aims to build self-confidence in writing ability through the help, advice and encouragement forthcoming from its community.

Forms of engagement with those participating in the Shortbread Stories community include: writing competitions, online mentoring, access to publishing through our ShortbreadStories publications and podcasts, dedicated web-space for writers to publicly portfolio their work, as well as online forums tailored to writer interaction. Additionally, writing and mentoring courses are held at the Pilcher Creative Writing Foundation in Spain and selected venues in the UK.

ShortbreadStories also provides short story aficionados with an online library of top quality stories that can be read or listened to online, as well as downloaded in text or mp3 form. By opening our site to the public at large, those who use ShortbreadStories as a way to showcase their portfolio of work have the opportunity to foster a global audience.

ShortbreadStories is free and open to anyone who wishes to join.

Click here to find out more about our charitable purpose, mission and activities.

ShortbreadStories SCIO, Registered Charity Number SC043321


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