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The Biggest Announcement Yet

/by Rachel Marsh/

For those of you who have been with ShortbreadStories for some time, you’ll be used to our ‘grand announcements’. In July 2012 we became a charity, and a month later we introduced Gavin Dobson as Trustee. Then, in September of last year, we said goodbye to our beloved and adored editor, Fiona Smith. All of these announcements have been for the benefit of the organisation and have helped us move forward, even if slowly, with our overall development plan.

So, as you will guess from the title, we are making another announcement; however, this statement is bitter sweet. I am saying good-bye to more team members and welcoming others into new roles.

It is with a heavy heart that I bit farewell to Robin Pilcher, bestselling author and ShortbreadStories founder. Robin started ShortbreadStories as a private business nearly ten years ago, but — despite the organisation legally acting as a company — he was insistent that the site was not littered with advertisements and it was open to all, thus it had no revenue streams. This led us to rethink the model, so we decided to become a charity. At that time Robin stepped down as an owner and became a Trustee. As a Trustee he remained active and continued to fund the organisation as a patron.

 After years of making ShortbreadStories a central part of his life, Robin has decided to retire. I am positive that Robin will remain an Advocate of the organisation, but sunny Spain, France and Longforgan are calling his name.

When Robin internally announced his plans to retire, Gavin made a decision to leave the organisation as well. This left me with a monumental task. Find their replacements. And, despite the weight of the decision, two obvious names came to mind:

Fiona Smith: We all know and love Fiona, and I am very happy to announce that she is returning as a Trustee. She was with ShortbreadStories from almost the beginning: reading, editing and running the organisaiton as Editor, Project Manager, and all around Jack-of-Shortbread-Trades.

Fiona’s new role with ShortbreadStories will be slightly different to her previous job with the organisation. As a Trustee she will be instrumental in planning and developing the future of ShortbreadStories, and she will be a lead in all external communications. However, for the moment, she will not be attending to the daily running of the site, but she will be behind the scenes helping us plan for the future.

Erica Brooks: Erica is an early member of the site and a part of the ShortbreadStories in Spain crew. I have the utmost respect for Erica. She has an egalitarian ethos to writing education and has been a part of writing programmes on two Continents. She is an advocate of the arts, of literature, and of being a damn fine person. Plus, she is already getting our new little team more organised than it has ever been.

So, we say farewell to Robin and Gavin, and hello (once again) to Fiona and Erica. But, rather than ending this little announcement myself, I would like leave you with the words of those who are coming and going. Below are links to Robin’s ‘goodbye statement’, and Fiona and Erica’s ‘hello’s.

Robin’s Retirement Message

Fiona’s Introduction as a Trustee

Erica says ‘Hello’ as Trustee

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