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International Women’s Day: Inspiring Change

/by Rachel Marsh/

In honour of International Women’s Day, this competition is for our female Shortbreaders only and the theme is ‘Inspiring Change’.

International Women’s Day ‘celebrates the social, political and economic achievements of women while focusing world attention on areas requiring further action’, and, while some of the bigger literary publications (such as the Paris Review and the Boston Review) are taking action to balance the gender ration in their organisations, women remain under represented in publishing. Therefore, ShortbreadStories would like to use International Women’s Day to highlight this imbalance.

According to an NPR article reporting on VIDA’s yearly count of women in publishing, ‘The AtlanticThe London Review of BooksThe New Republic and The Nation have all had an overall ratio of 75 men to 25 women, including both reviewers and those reviewed. At The New York Review of Books, it’s 80-20.’ (For more on the 2013 VIDA count, click here.) This is despite the fact that ‘Women purchase the bulk of literary fiction products in the USA’ according to a report on Women and Literature.

So, let’s try to help bridge that gap, and get as many of our female Shortbreaders entering this competition.

Theme: Inspiring Change (This can be loosely iinterpreted and does not mean that the story has to necessarily be inspirational.)
Word Limit: 3500
Prize: Appear in the 4 April Friday Story
Closing Date for Submissions: 22 March 2014
Opening Date for Public Voting: 24 March 2014
Closing Date for Public Voting: 3 April 2014

More on how you can help bridge the gap in gender publishing simply by reading more women authors, click here to find out about #readwomen2014.

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