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Shortbreader of the Year 2011: Diane Dickson

/by Diane Dickson/

Round about this time last year the ShortbreadStories Team asked members to cast votes for their chosen “Shortbreader of the Year 2011”.  I thought it was a lovely idea and so put together my vote with a couple of supporting paragraphs and sent it in.  I then consigned the thing to the back of my mind, duty done, with a good luck wish for my chosen “candidate”. 

When the winner was announced in January of this year I simply could not believe what I was reading.  I had no prior notice and found out on the same day as everyone else that the wonderful people of ShortbreadStories had decided that I would be awarded the title.

Well, for the next couple of days I walked around with what must have been a really silly grin pasted on my face while trying to work out ways to tell my friends and family without seeming to brag, though in truth I did want to brag.  It felt so special to me and I was thrilled.

Well to be totally honest the honour itself would have been enough but then the fun really took off.  I think the experience was enhanced for me because we were out of the country at the time and so my son and daughter agreed to receive my prizes for me.  There were books, there was a beautiful shiny trophy and there was the biggest box of Walker’s Shortbread in the entire world.  Each time something arrived my son would send me a picture of the parcel with a note saying what shall I do and each time my impatience got the better of me and I said “Open it” and so he would send little emails of the proceedings. 

It was lovely because my grandsons got to be a real part of granny’s prize and in fact the whole family had fun.  Fiona and Rachel were wonderfully patient sending things to different addresses and responding to all my requests with great good humour.  I was able to choose a book from the Dundee University bookshop and my Son in Law was involved with that, helping me to pick something that he would be able to help me understand!! And that has been great, although to be honest I’m still struggling with a lot of it. 

The hamper of shortbread was put away untouched and kept in safety for me until we came back and then oh boy did we pig out.  The boys were allowed to choose one thing each (darn it Charlie picked the chocolate chip ones – but a bargain’s a bargain especially with your grandson). 

I have lovely mementos in the form of books, a treasured copy of Short Breaks, New Writing Dundee and a Celebration of Burns – For A’ That

One of my stories featured in the Friday spot, and anyone who has experienced that will know what a glow it gives you.

Since then every time Fiona has mentioned my name she has given me my full title and I thank you Fiona for that, I did notice.

All this was wonderful of course but I did feel that it carried with it a degree of responsibility on my part.  The members of the site had been so very kind and generous and I felt honour bound to respect that.  I have tried very hard to read as much as I possibly could over the last year, to comment as helpfully and in as friendly a way as possible, I have tried to take part in all the competitions, to read and respond to blog posts and forum discussions and just generally to be worthy of the title of Shortbreader of the Year.  I have continued to submit my scribblings and actually it has been my pleasure, all of it, I love the site and the people who visit and so I have enjoyed it immensely.

I have a link on my blog and have mentioned ShortbreadStories whenever it has been appropriate and I know that there are people who are now members due to that.  I have self-published a couple of novellas and have mentioned this wonderful site in those and have visited the site every day that it has been possible for me to so.  I hope that I have repaid the kindness of the people who were instrumental in my winning the award for 2011 and I really wish whoever is chosen as Shortbreader of the Year 2012 as much joy from it as I have had. 


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