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iPad Apps for Writing

/by Fiona Smith/

Last week Rachel shared with us her thoughts on iPad versus Kindle for reading. It occurred to me that I rarely use my iPad for reading, which is fine, since my original intended use was writing. I do write on it often, in fact I’m typing this blog on my iPad as we speak. So I thought I’d share with you my favourite apps for writing on the go.

Clean Writer: My preferred mode for writing short stories. As the name suggests the app is very clean and easy to use. There’s nothing fussy, no bells or whistles, just a white page, a handy word counter and that’s it. But let’s be honest what else do you need? You type away using the standard iPad keyboard, save it when you’ve finished and then you can email it yourself, or use dropbox to access it on other devices and computers. Clean Writer is also nice and cheap at a bargainous 69p.

Evernote: To fully explore the capabilities of this app would take a good few hours. This is certainly not a clean writer, and contains many bells and whistles- in fact you could even record a whole load of bells and whistles with the built in voice recorder. It has a rather fancy text editor where you can change font, make things bold, and do any of the normal things you can do on Word. It also allows you to input images, so is ideal for putting together presentations, or a scrapbook. It could also be very helpful when putting together research for any new novel. You can send notes directly to Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Dragon Dictation: An app which allows you to dictate your story to your iPad. So just speak away, then hit the finish recording button, and your text will appear. Sounds brilliant in theory, however it did have some problems with my Scottish accent. After saying rather slowly; ShortbreadStories is the best website in the world, it presented me with the following; Let’s celebrate is the best web story in the world.

WordPress: If you’re a blogger with a WordPress account you can now blog on the go. This is the perfect app for blogging off-the-cuff pieces when time is of the essence.

Finally do any of these apps beat a good old fashion piece of paper and a biro? In my opinion yes, yes they do.  Of course it can be hard to stay focused on your writing, when Angry Birds, Facebook, Wikipedia and the Internet is a click away! However the best thing about writing on your iPad, is that everything stays on your iPad. I no longer have a pile of scrawled on tickets/flyers/tissues. When inspiration hits you can type away safe in the knowledge that you will find your writing again – without trawling through your pockets. The writing can also be transferred easily to a computer and you don’t need to re-type your writing from scrawled notes. 

So there you have it! Feel free to let us know your favourite reading and writing apps on the Shortbread forum.


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One thought on “iPad Apps for Writing

  1. As the new owner of a shiny Samsung android this was very very useful so thank you. I had found the WordPress blog thingy but I will certainly look at the Clean Writer App. I love my new machine and am having trouble sharing myself out amongst my gadgets !!!!

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