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ShortbreadStories On The Go

/by Fiona Smith/

It’s easy to forget that there’s a world out there away from our home computers and laptops. A world which involves everyday journeys to work, trips to the supermarket, cooking and cleaning, and putting the kids to bed. A world where life interrupts our everyday hobbies and interests. Many of our Shortbreaders are so committed they spend hours every day reading through all the new stories (it’s why we love you all so much); however, there’s a whole host of ways you can get your short story fix – and it doesn’t need to involve a computer screen.

All of our stories are available to download in pdf format, which means if you are lucky enough to own a tablet or a Kindle, you can read any story you like via iBooks or Kindle. Just click on the ‘Download’ link at the bottom of each story. Then select pdf format. Once you’ve downloaded the story, you can transfer it to your Kindle or iPad. Or if you’re old-school, our stories can be printed out on to paper using the pdf format. Which means our stories can be read on train, planes and automobiles, and at any time of the day.

Or for those of you who are constantly on the move, we have a selection of stories available in audio format. All of our audio stories can be listened online, or downloaded as an MP3 for an iPod (or any mp3 player for that matter) or even turned into a CD for the car. These stories are all professionally narrated and produced making them the perfect companion for any journey.

And don’t forget ShortbreadStories also comes in book format! Our first anthology of stories is still available, and contains a collection of brilliant tales in a very handy pocket sized book.

How do you use ShortbreadStories? Do you just listen to our audio stories? Do you print out our tales? Do you use your Kindle, or are you strictly a computer person? Let us know about any time you’ve used ShortbreadStories On the Go.


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