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Meet Our Newest Team Member

It was flattering to be invited on to the Shortbread Stories Board of Trustees.  Shortbread Stories is one of the most dynamic and progressive literary platforms, accessible to everyone from casual readers, critics and observers, to aspiring and established writers.

I have loved short stories since my teens when I studied the masters like Guy de Maupassant, Somerset Maugham and Scott Fitzgerald. They taught how the art of short story writing is unforgiving. It requires conciseness, leanness and relevance.  You might get away with tangential rambling in a novel, but never in a short story. Every sentence must run with the grain and point to an eventual punch line.

I have written four books of short stories known as the Geordie Kinloch Quartet (Tales of a Free Spirit, The Novice, Side Trips and The Accidental Shepherd). Publishers and promoters often tell me there is no market for short stories. This makes me smile, because the market keeps telling me it can’t get enough short stories.

Your reward from ShortbreadStories depends on your investment. You may be an occasional dabbler reading the weekly short story, or you may have written multiple stories that are on view permanently on the website. You can comment on other people’s stories and have your own commented upon. Shortbread celebrates all forms of involvement.

Shortbread is in the process of becoming a charity. Robin Pilcher conceived, grew and has financed the website for the first years of its life. His intention is that it will flourish under charitable status and continue to evolve as a leading literary website. As a charity we all hope that it will attract support from its users, so that we can look forward to a sound and sustainable future for the website.

Best regards,
Gavin Dobson


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One thought on “Meet Our Newest Team Member

  1. hello Gavin

    I am really interested to see how all this is going to change things. Obviously there are plans afoot and it is all very exciting. Looking forward to it and to hearing more from you. – Diane

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