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The 3,000th ShortbreadStory

/by Fiona Smith/

In August 2008, I sat on the floor in my living room surrounded by a few hundred manuscripts, all short stories, all from budding writers, and all unique and special in their own way. Some were romantic, others science-fiction, thrillers, horrors, dramas, comedies… and some refused to be pigeon-holed into a genre. However every story confirmed what I’d known all along – that each story deserved to be read, and that ShortbreadStories would make this happen. All those stories hidden in bottom drawers, in folders on computers, or pinging back from one magazine publisher to the next, would finally have a place where people could read them, and then be inspired to write their own.

I knew back then, while swamped in a pile of manuscripts, that ShortbreadStories would revolutionise the traditional short story magazine. We were waiting for the website to be designed, and I thought of the site in terms of stories; what we would achieve with fiction, how we would share stories, inspire tales, and breakdown particular genres. What I hadn’t accounted for was our achievement in terms of people.

By December 2008, the site had launched and from the beginning we had a community of dedicated and enthusiastic authors. Having worked on social networking sites in the past, I was astonished at just how friendly our members were. Practically overnight ShortbreadStories went from a few scribbled designs on A4 paper, a pile of manuscripts, and a team of naïve creatives to an actual community. A community who rallied around, who commented, and who most importantly wrote and read stories.

And from that moment on ShortbreadStories has continued to grow. Sure we’ve changed the design, we’ve introduced competitions, we’ve started features, we’ve re-designed the voting system about twenty times (and we still haven’t got it quite right), but there is something we’ve managed to cultivate, something we would never dream of changing and that is… YOU. We are here because of your stories – all 3,000 of them. We are here because of your community spirit, because of your comments, your encouragement, and your dedication.

The 3,000 story is another milestone in our ShortbreadStories journey together, and another reason to celebrate our site and the people who make it what it is today. Thank you for all the stories and all the inspiration, and here’s to the next 3,000. 


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One thought on “The 3,000th ShortbreadStory

  1. We can’t let this post go by without a round of applause and a sincere thank you to the wonderful, patient, friendly and dedicated team at Shortbread Stories. Without you there would be no site and your hard work and good humour are amazing. Thank you. – Diane

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