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And the ‘Self-Publish or Perish’ winner is…

I could drag this out. I could say, ‘Drum roll please’. I could wax philosophical about the decision making process and the extremely touch decisions that were debated by the judges. I could talk about self-publishing and new opportunities for writers. I could…

Sorry, I got a bit carried away. I’ll get straight to the point.

The winner of the ‘Self-Publish or Perish’ competition is…

Itchy Grumble by Paul Vickers.

This novella and collection of short fiction won the hearts of our judges. Kirby Kana of Kirby Ink said that the manuscript had an ‘extreme richness of visuals and a whimsical nature’, and Paul’s use of the imagery mixed with beautiful language caught our imaginations.

You can read the Paul’s submission here, as well as the other shortlisted manuscripts.

Paul Vicker’s book will be released this autumn and showcased on ShortbreadStories. So keep an eye out for Itchy Grumble.


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One thought on “And the ‘Self-Publish or Perish’ winner is…

  1. Congratulations to Paul, it was nice to see that he became an active member of the site and the very best of luck with his book.

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