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Shortbreader Inspiration: Suzanne Mays

/by Suzanne Mays/

All kind of things inspire me. I’ll get a title, a word, a group of words that sound right. I’ll think of a story to go along with it. Often I’ll put my pen on a piece of paper and just start writing gibberish. It makes no sense but this leads to that, and then there’s something. Like how did ‘Sign Pine Road’ get its name? Well, I actually found out there was a big pine tree at the cross roads with an arrow sign nailed on it. When they had to come up with a name for that road, and that’s what they called it.

Crazy things like that inspire me, and I don’t care if no one likes these stories but me. Of course, I’d like readers to enjoy my work, but if a story’s clicking heels for me, and I did the best that I could, I don’t care if others don’t respond. Also, it helps that my stories don’t have to pay the electric bill or the rent, so I write what I want. That makes it fun.

It’s a combination of wanting to write and the fun of writing. I love words – love words that make pictures in my mind. Those pictures are beautiful daydreams and, for awhile, I get to live there. Maybe I’m super controlling. Maybe I love it because I get to control every single thing inside my stories. What they say, what they do, what they wear. I can’t do that in real life. But in a story, I can tell everybody what to do. Sometimes the characters tell me what to do and that’s fun, too.

The main thing that inspires me to write is that curling up with a good story and just wanting to stay there, is a wonderful thing. I’m right there in that world, and I don’t want to leave. Lots of writers have done that for me. If I can ever do that for somebody else, it’ll be the coolest day of my life. Anybody can write, but it helps if they want to. I have to want to writer, and I believe that if I just keep at it – I can.


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2 thoughts on “Shortbreader Inspiration: Suzanne Mays

  1. I know how you feel. Seem as though I could have wrote this post and said nearly the exact same thing, except I really do want people to read what I write. I’ll get there.

  2. trevar on said:

    agree with you…… sometimes writing gibberish leads to more inspiration

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