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The Queen: Competition

Short story competition themed ‘The Queen’.

Without sounding too Anglo-centric, Queen Elizabeth II (or Queen Elizabeth I, if you’re Scottish) is known the world over as ‘The Queen’. However, a woman of her stature, her presence, and simple elegance could be known as nothing less, and this weekend her Diamond Jubilee has gotten everyone in the party mood. Even those nationals who have no connection to United Kingdom are waving a flag for the dear old dame.

However, it’s not all red, white and blue bunting and Victoria sponge. Anti-royal, or monarchy supporter, fan of ‘Rule Britannia’, or fan of the Sex Pistol’s ‘God Save the Queen’, this weekend all the world is having their say. Union Jacks (modified or traditional) have been donned in order to either hail or bemoan the Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Here at ShortbreadStories, we could not let this time pass without doing what we do best — run a competition. But in our traditional attempt to remain neutral, we’d like to keep our statement about the monarchy to the minimum. So here you will not find a picture of the Queen in all her regalia, or an image of her at Princess Diana’s funeral. Nor will you see the punked images of the Queen from her Golden Jubilee. Instead, we have borrowed a picture taken by Cecil Beaton. She is holding her newborn son Andrew. In this image she is not the Queen and matriarch of a nation, but of her family. She is the guiding force; she is a mother.

Using the picture above, write a short story entitled ‘Queen’, which interprets what it is to be a queen — whether it’s the matriarch of a household, the queen of SoHo, or the royal diva of the first grade talent competition. As the world marks the 60 years HRH has been on the throne, we at ShortbreadStories want you to write about your queens, your matriarchs, your royal highnesses.

The winner’s story will appear in a Friday Story, and they will also win a copy of Queen Elizabeth II: Portraits by Cecil Beaton by Susanna Brown.

Click here to enter the competition.

‘Her Majesty The Queen by photographer Cecil Beaton’ are on exhibition at the Victorian and Albert Museum.  Dundee was selected as the first location to host this exhibition, and was the first in a series of partnership projects between The McManus and the V&A, as part of the pre-opening programme for the V&A at Dundee.

Image Copyright – Victoria and Albert Museum

The Next Generation – Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Andrew Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Andrew
Cecil Beaton
Gelatin silver print
Buckingham Palace
March 1960
Museum no. PH.1806-1987

Prince Andrew Albert Christian Edward was born on 19 February 1960. He was the first child to be born to a reigning monarch since Queen Victoria. By 1960 the royal family wished to project a more accessible, modern image. Instead of the grand palace interiors, Beaton chose a simple white background for the sensitive photographs of the Queen cradling her son.


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One thought on “The Queen: Competition

  1. Its a lovely picture no doubt about it, so very much a mother more than anything else.

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