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A Creative Writing Education: The Group Experience vs Going it Alone

/Intro by Rachel Marsh/

For many, the decision to take a creative writing class hinges on their answer to the question, ‘Can creative writing be taught?’ For those that feel creative writing is a skill that can be learned, a writing course (or courses) becomes the goal. While others may feel that creative writing is a natural skill and a gift, and believe that a writing course is counterproductive to the innate act of creativity.

It is exactly this debate that this week’s ‘A Creative Writing Education’ will tackle. Ross Stewart stumbled across creative writing as a procrastination tool later in life, and strongly believes that it was his journey from writing alone, to reading about writing, to the writing group and finally to the Masters in creative writing that has made him the writer that he is today. While Diane Dickson feels the exact opposite. She cherishes the creative fervor of pushing her words on to the page, and feels that a writing course is unnecessary when pursuing such a personal act such as creative writing.

You can read both sides of the debate below, then comment in our ‘A Creative Writing Education’ Forum.

Ross Stewart: I’m no Genius

Diane Dickson: The Self-Determined and Self-Taught Writer

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