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Creative Environment

Robin Pilcher is not only a noted author and founder of ShortbreadStories, but he’s also founder of the Pilcher Foundation for Writing. So, as you can imagine, he’s seen his fair share of writing workshops. Below he gives us his thoughts the effect atmosphere can have on writing.

What makes a ‘creative environment?’ I had thought it was up to an individual feeling, that one man’s castle was another man’s hovel, but then we hosted a number of courses, both in Aracena in Spain and Dornoch in Scotland, and the comments in the visitors’ books constantly endorse ‘the creative ambience of the place.’

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have a choice of either place to head to when I’m in need of a bit of solitude for writing. Dornoch is brilliant for that ‘quick fix.’ For me, it’s three hours up the A9 and I’m straight into an atmosphere of tranquillity and calm, where I can forget about all those nagging problems that drain creativity and just get on with what I’m there to do. And the place wills you to do just that.

Don’t just take my word for it. Rachel is running courses both in Dornoch and Aracena this year, so why not come see for yourself?

ShortbreadStories in Scotland is just around the corner, and ShortbreadStories in Spain is coming up in October.

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