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Formula 500: Mothering Sunday

This competition is now closed.

We started with the short story, and now we’re moving onto the micro-story. The Shortbread Formula 500 is a competition where anything up to 500 words is your limit, so you have to ‘make every frame a Rembrandt’, as was the saying of film cameramen of old when describing the shooting of television adverts. This is a style of writing you can do anywhere, anytime – during your lunch break, in a bus or a train, or even stuck in one of those endless traffic jams. Choose your subject, choose your title, choose your plot – a beginning, middle, and end.

Shortbread wants to encourage everyone to have a go – writers and readers of all ages  – so now is the time to tune up your creative engine, psyche yourself up and hit that blank page at speed…

With Mother’s Day just around the corner this Formula 500 is dedicated to Mothers from all around the world. ShortbreadStories HQ wants to read your tales of Motherly love written in less than 500 words. The winning story will be sent around our 6,000 plus Friday Story mailing list, and what could possible make a better Mother’s Day gift than that?!

As this competiton will judged by the community be sure to vote for your favourite before the 28th of March.

Click here for more information on the competition.


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