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2011 Shortbreader of the Year Award

In January we launched a brand new competition to find the 2011 Shortbreader of the Year. And after two months of nominations, and deliberation, we can announce, today, that the winner of the 2011 Shortbreader of the Year is:

Drum roll please….

Diane Dickson, and here’s a few reasons why:

I think it’s great that Diane can write such diverse stuff, from kids’ stories to sinister and chilling shorts like ‘Skype’. When I fancy reading a short story, I often go to Diane’s page as I’ve no idea what I’m going to get…well, apart from quality writing and well constructed ideas and characters that is.

Great stuff, great character, salt of the earth, and always takes the time to show appreciation for any comments made about her work.

She’s the mother of the group, with her kindness, her words of wisdom, and her rather wicked sense of humour.

Diane is my first choice for her kindness when commenting. Her stories are great to read and seem to improve every time I read one.

She is original, funny and a great ambassador for ShortbreadStories.

Congratulations Diane! You are our 2011 Shortbreader of the Year. A big thank you for embracing the Shortbread community and for your relentless commenting and good cheer!

Diane has won a plaque, an audio recording of one of her stories, a short story published in Shortbreaks Volume 2, a hamper of Walkers Shortbread, £50 voucher for books from Dundee University Press, a copy of New Writing Dundee 6 and a copy of Short Breaks and she will live on in infamy on the ShortbreadStories website.

And our love fest doesn’t end here! We still have our two Runners up to announce.

Second drum roll please…

Jay Leffew for her willingness to embrace criticism and try new avenues. She is stalwart in terms of reading/commenting and must rank number one in both. She should be an inspiration to all aspiring writers on here and also very entertaining for those who just read.

And Adam West for being a very regular reader, contributor and commenter. His comments are always thoughtful, honest, encouraging and leave no doubt that he reads and considers the stories that he is writing about. On top of that his own writing is among the best on the site in my opinion, often being quirky and different. He also seems to be a genuinely nice man.

Our Shortbreader of the Year runner-ups have each won the opportunity to have one of their stories turned into an audio story.

Once again, a big thanks to everyone who nominated, and congratulations to our winners.


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2 thoughts on “2011 Shortbreader of the Year Award

  1. I am totally thrilled and overwhelmed, firstly that I was chosen for this award and secondly by the whole raft of good wishes that I have received today. It really has moved me. Thank you so very much everyone. I can’t believe that I have been rewarded for doing something that really brings me great pleasure anyway. I love reading all the stories and the feedback from other readers and writers is really valuable. Thank you again.

    • Diane it was a difficult choice, because we got in nominations for so many worthy candidates. However, you most certainly deserve the award. Thank you so much for being such a lovely part of this community. (–Rachel)

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