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ShortbreadStories Formula 500 Competitions

The Shortbread Formula 500 is a competition where anything up to 500 words is your limit, so you have to ‘make every frame a Rembrandt’, as was the saying of film cameramen of old when describing the shooting of television adverts. This is a style of writing you can do anywhere, anytime – during your lunch break, in a bus or a train, or even stuck in one of those endless traffic jams. Choose your subject, choose your title, choose your plot – a beginning, middle, and end.

Shortbread wants to encourage everyone to have a go – writers and readers of all ages  – so now is the time to tune up your creative engine, psyche yourself up and hit that blank page at the speed of a racing car.

Each month we’ll post a new Formula 500, with the winner chosen by Shortbreaders. You have to be a registered member to enter. See our most recent Formula 500 contest in the ‘Contests and Competitions’ section of our categories.


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