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Industry Insiders

For many writing is a solitary practice: sitting at a desk (or often enclosing oneself off in a crowded café) with only your thoughts and creativity as a guide. This is most certainly true, but literary pursuits need not always be lonely. In fact, much of the writing world involves interactions with others. Agents, publishers, press officers, publicists, literary event coordinators, journalists, short story websites are all within the field of literature and writing, but these professionals are surrounded by others.

Some of these jobs involve a life time of career cultivation, while others are a hobby. But no matter what these people do, or if they are paid or volunteer, their insight into the literary industry is invaluable to any writer.

The majority of unpublished authors hope to become published, and when this happens they will (hopefully) come into contact with agents, publicists, festival coordinators and journalists. Additionally, the unpublished may plug-away alone at their desk, but they/you/we also go to writing circles and literary festivals, and they/you/we push manuscripts to agents and publishers. Therefore, knowing how the industry works can help the unpublished author (an even the published) manoeuvre through the literary world. It helps to know what it’s like to be an Industry Insider.

Over the next few months we will be introducing a series of articles entitled ‘Industry Insiders’. While we have a crack line-up scheduled for upcoming ‘Industry Insider’ posts, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know what part of the literary industry you’d like to know more about, and we’ll try and find out more information.


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One thought on “Industry Insiders

  1. Look forward to reading these – not sure I’ll ever take the plunge and try to submit but it’ll be great to have the information if I decide to. – Thanks for this

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