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Announcing Shortbreader of the Year Award

It’s time to brag. Shortbread Stories is so amazing that today (6 January) has been turned into a holiday in our honour – National Shortbread Day. Okay, it’s not really in our honour, but we’re going to hitch our wagon to it nonetheless.

However, if we’re being completely honest, ShortbreadStories is pretty amazing. Not necessarily because of anything we’ve done, but because of our Shortbreaders. It’s you lot who make the site so special: those of you who send in stories, read everything on the site, comment on each other’s work, start forums, enter contests, and generally just be part of the ShortbreadStories community. Without the Shortbreaders this site would not exist.

While we appreciate everyone who stops by the site, everyone who reads a story, and certainly all our submitting authors, there are some Shortbreaders who have embedded themselves into the community. These are the people we’d like  to honour, so we’re using National Shortbread Day to announce the first Annual Shortbreader of the Year Award.

Plus, it will be up to you to decide who will be the 2011 Shortbreader of the Year.

Is there someone on the site who regularly gives encouragement? Have you  found someone who reads and comments on all the posts? Or even someone who gives particularly insightful criticism? Or possibly, is there a Shortbreader whose work is spectacular, and you can’t wait to read their next story? Or perhaps, you know of a Shortbreader who has grown as a writer during their time on ShortbreadStories? Let us know who you think embodies ShortbreadStories by nominating them for Shortbreader of the Year.

To nominate:
Email the name of a Shortbreader, along with a  paragraph or two on why you believe they should win the award, by 10th of  February.

The winner shall receive:
A plaque
The chance to have one of their stories turned into an audio story
The chance to have a short story published in Shortbreaks Volume 2
A hamper of shortbread
£50 voucher for books from Dundee  University Press
A copy of New Writing Dundee 6 and a copy of Short  Breaks
Their name will live in infamy on the ShortbreadStories website

Two runners-up will each receive:
The chance to have one of their stories turned into an audio story

The winner will be announced on the 24th of February.

Award Rules:
We shouldn’t have to say this, but please don’t nominate  yourself.
Also please don’t nominate yourself by sending an email from fake  address, as we’ll find out.
Nominees should have been ShortbreadStories members for 2011 in its  entirety.
Employees and ShortbreadStories staff are ineligible. (This shouldn’t be  too hard as there aren’t that many of us.)
Prizes are non-transferable.
Name of nominee and reason why the person is being nominated must be in  the nomination email for the individual to be considered.
All nominations must be received by 23:59 GMT 11 February to be  considered.
Final decisions will be made by the ShortbreadStories team.


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