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by Kate Smart —

People  write for many different reasons.  We all have an instinctive desire to express ourselves, but what really inspires us to pick up the pen or switch on the laptop?  There’s a need perhaps to externalise emotions so that we can understand them more fully; to see events from different perspectives, and make to sense  of ourselves, and our past.  A painting or a piece of music can catapult us back into the past,  triggering  a desire to re-visit and re-make sites of emotional intensity through writing; or indeed forwards to an imaginary future where we can construct a world just as we would like it to be.

Philosophers struggle to articulate what it is that occurs between the painting and the viewer.  Perhaps it’s best left unsaid.  There is an exchange, an offering, a dynamic;  something that reaches beyond the realm of language, structure and logic and even conscious thought – there’s something about the interaction of planes of colour and light and shadow, that touches the place of creativity within us.

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See ShortbreadStories Inspirational Moments Competition which inspired this blog post.


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