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Winter Message

I have a bit of a confession to make. Despite this article being posted on Christmas Day, I’m actually writing it three days prior. It’s December, and I can already see changes in the air. I work in a Tower Block and I have an amazing view out over the city, and today I’m noticing something I haven’t seen in months – sun. A peak of golden out over the Tay, and a hint of pink streaked across the sky. A few minutes before writing this post, I snuck out for a moment – just to get away from the florescent lights – and I swear the air smelled different: almost fresh, and wet, and – if you close your eyes and take in a huge smell – a bit like spring.

Spring, in December? Yes, I know I sound mad. I know you are thinking that these sensations are psychosomatic. Perhaps I just want winter to be over so very badly. But I disagree with your scepticism. I truly think spring is in the air, and the calendar will back me up. 21 December is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, which means that from 22 December onwards the days will only get longer. Therefore, what I am smelling is optimism.

There is change a coming. Soon the snowdrops will come pushing through the earth. Then the daffodils and bluebells. Then before we know it the birds will return, as will nights in which the sun never sets properly and a pint of cider sitting outside at pub by the seaside. I can smell these things coming.

Over the next few months you may notice, that like the seasons, ShortbreadStories will change. You’ll be seeing more staff and more articles. We’ve already posted our schedule of courses for 2012, and you’ll find even more opportunities to interact with the ShortbreadTeam. ShortbreadStories is in the Spring of it’s life, and we hope that you’ll continue to take part.

So, we at ShortbreadStories have recently created our own blessing. Not only do we wish each and every Shortbreader a Merry Christmas, but also ‘may the long days of summer always be ahead of you’.

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