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Inspirational Moments: D.S. Dundee

The DS Dundee Inspirational Moment competition is now closed.

Our new feature and competition, Inspirational Moments, kickstarts with DS Dundee. We are talking with companies who have spread the word of their products in different ways, and we hope that you might be able to draw something from these short statements to help formulate some sort of direction for your own marketing strategies.

Jim Pickles, managing director of DS Dundee, says this of his ‘contemporary heritage’ fashion company.

‘Our main marketing thrust is at our 5000 specific email addresses. We mail out whenever we have new stock in, or there is interesting news to tell about DS Dundee, posting photos showing particular detail of a jacket or a shirt. This helps to keep awareness going of what we are producing and what we are doing.

‘We are extremely disciplined about our blogging policy, these going out once a week. Blogspots such as Sartorially Inclined pick these up and then the viral marketing effect takes place when one site feeds into another. We might send a jacket to an influential blog poster in the hope that they might write a positive endorsement of the company. Selectism, which is a particularly good blog for outerwear, is one we make a point of targeting. Stockists also carry links to our brand on their websites.

‘We also have a very sound marketing tie-up with Monkey Shoulder whisky.

The company was a major sponsor at the Camp Bestival and DS Dundee put together some outfits for the festival, outerwear if it rained and shorts and t-shirts for the sun. Monkey Shoulder emailed this to its customer base with DS Dundee’s blog and photos.

‘The DS Dundee website is changed twice a year for the Spring/Summer and Autumn/ Winter collections. We want DS Dundee to continue to be seen as ‘cutting edge’ in male fashion.’


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