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ShortbreadStories Search for a Blogger

Shortbread Stories has such a dedicated community of writers, without whom we  really couldn’t function, and because of this we want to give you a voice. Today  we are launching a search for a Shortbread Blogger, someone who has a passion  for stories and a love for blogging. You’ll have an ongoing blog that we can  link to, and you’ll be able to commit to writing for us on a regular basis.

If this sounds like you, and you’d love to be part of the Shortbread Team,  please email  with a sample Shortbread  post, and the URL of your regular blog, before January the  11th! That’s the easiest way for us to see how you’ll fit in with  the rest of the team. We want to see something which shows us your style of  writing and your unique point of view. Something you know we’ll love, whether  that’s an expose of the publishing industry, or a post about a new writing trend  we haven’t yet discovered.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, we won’t publish the sample blog post  unless we take you on, and this will be a voluntary position. (So no money will  change hands, but we promise to send you delicious shortbread on your birthday.)  The site has a lot of exciting projects coming up and we’re looking for someone  who wants to be involved in everything we’re doing. It really is as much fun as  it sounds…


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